Internship and technical retraining of fight kickboxing was held on 2023/11/3 at 9 am by Dr. Arash Es'haghi, head of kickboxing fight style, with the presence of 50 participants
The International Fight Kickboxing Federation's World Coaching Test and Don was held on August 11, 2023, and 41 world verdicts were issued. Participants from Iran, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Poland, Turkey, and Azerbaijan participated in this test. The following orders were issued. 16 Don 1 3 Dan 2 2 Dan 3 6 Dan 4 3 Dan 5 1 Dan 7 1 Dan 8 3 grade c coaching 2 grade b coaching 1 High master degrees, 4 top master's degrees
The fourth online course of the International Fight Kickboxing Federation will be held on 4 , 6 August 2023 in the section of Dan 1 to 7 exams, coaching and judging grade A,B,C. To participate in the international course , contact 00989122649438 via WhatsApp.
On 8/11/2023, the retraining of judges of the International Fight Kickboxing Federation took place in Central Academy with the presence of 60 judges and for 4 hours.
During the investigation to obtain representation to the countries of *Kuwait, Qatar and Aruba*, after the approval of the head of the International Fight Kickboxing Federation, *Dr. Arash Es'haghi,* the representatives of the countries of *Qatar, Kuwait and Aruba* were appointed and started working. We hope that the new representatives of the International Fight Kickboxing Federation will try to expand the federation and take steps in line with the goals of the federation.

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