International Fight Kickboxing Federation held and conducted world championship with the name of "Persian Gulf cup " in cyber way in styles of Musical Form , individual and group cold weapon , individual and group self defence , break hard things , individual and group kata in date of 2021/ 05 / 21.

International Fight Kickboxing Federation promoted in Ukraine country and by the certificate from Dr. Arash Eshaghi representative of Federation dedicated to Anatoly Korshunov .

Worldwide certificates Dan issued from International Fight Kickboxing Federation :

The first course of worldwide Dan with number of 13 Dan from worldwide 1 to 8 with this names issued and ready to deliver :

First Dan : Arman Amini , Mani Alizadeh , Hekmat Darbazi , Senar Omarpour

Second Dan : Arshia Eshaghi

Third Dan : Ali Safa , Reza Alizadeh , Hossein Moradi , Changiz Lotfzadeh , Minoozar Agha bashi

4th Dan : Mojtaba Bahmanyar

7th Dan : Nabi Hamidi

8th Dan : Fatemeh Dastjerdi

Names of this issued certificates are visible to see in worldwide Federation site

The first tournament of Afghanistan International Fight Kickboxing Federation, executed with efforts and endeavors of Master Sebghat-Allah Azimi, the representative of IFKF in Afghanistan, was held on October 2, 2020 at Meydān-e Nabard gymnasium of Herat province, Afghanistan.

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