International Fight kickboxing federation philosophy text

Our Philosophy There exist a large number of various federations working globally in the field of martial arts.International Fight Kickboxing Federation (IFKF) has been established and founded with a positive, grand and global ideology as well as strategic planning in order to facilitate the achievement of the existing goals and objectives. The aim of International Fight Kickboxing Federation (IFKF) is to nurture and grow the martial arts form known as Fight Kickboxing as well as promoting it amongst masters, instructors, coaches, and veterans of the field on a global scale. We do believe that human being is endowed with infinite power and that a human being with positive thinking is indeed the creator of all that is of beauty as well as one's own life and one's own fate. We build the body for our soul to be built. We proceed regardless of colours and races.

International federation of  fight kickboxing oath

We swear by humanity and purity that we do righteous behavior and honest in our speech. We nourish our body to have a great spirit. We put honesty and respect at the forefront of our work. We try to stay away from evil and try to keep our soul clean. We hate laziness and avoid violence. Like rock, hard . Like water, flexible. Like tree, solid. Like storm, devastating. We fightfor fairness and freedom. Fight kickboxing is the rendezvous of word's most powerful fighters.

The Subject and Objectives of the Activities of International Fight Kickboxing Federation (IFKF) on a Global Scale

International Fight Kickboxing Federation (IFKF) will be active in related scientific, pedagogical, educational and instructive areas including proceeding with and embarking on scientific matters and materials, such as holding educational and instructive workshops, in addition to the expansion and furtherance of global plans to promote and advance the activities of the federation • Aiding and helping the expansion, extension and diversification of national and international academies, schools, gyms, centers and foundations as well asproviding the needed structure and necessary conditions for the athletes covered by, and/or members of, the aforementioned establishments to be able to compete on a global scale • Proceeding with cooperation and collaboration with national and international organizations as well as establishing a befitting position and a proper status for International Fight Kickboxing Federation (IFKF) • Creating international branches, divisions and representatives all across the globe in addition toenlisting and enrolling coaches, instructors, veterans of the field as well as students in the federation • Proceeding with, and embarking upon, the necessary deeds and actions by means of which to standardize and scientificate the field using novel and new technical and managemental methods in order to fulfill the objectives • Holding classes, training courses and retraining courses of technical knowledge as well as refereeing courses, coaching and instructing courses and issuing the international certificates for coaches, instructors, referees, various levels of Dan ranking, Mastership, Top-mastership, High-mastership as well as Grand-mastership for the individuals covered by the federation in addition to holding sport camps • Holding international, continental and global matches, tournaments, and competitions in various parts of the world • Compiling, formulating, providing and proceeding with strategic, executive and operational plans by means of which to grow, expand and advance the federation on a global scale as well as strengthening and fortifying the integrity and solidarity of the members globally • Establishing connection, correspondence and communication with authoritative and credible centers of athletic, and sport, management on a global scale • Identification of clandestine talents on a global scale as well as reinforcing them on the path towards championship and scientific, and technical, achievements *******.

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